Here at Reebo Scaffolding we take Health and Safety extremely seriously and adhere to all current standard codes of practice, these include;

  • S EN 12811-1 & TG20; 05 – Guide to Good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes & Fittings.
  • BS EN 39: 2001 – Loose Steel Tubes for Tube & Coupler Scaffolds.
  • BS 2482: 1981 – Specification for Timber Scaffold Boards.
  • BS 1129: 1990 – Specification for the use of portable timber ladders, steps, trestles and lightweight stagings.
  • SG4:5 – Preventing Falls in Scaffolding and False work.
  • TG20:08 – The NASC Guide to the use of Temporary work Equipment.

We are fully insured and every job is rigorously inspected by our qualified installers, we actively promote the good practice of equipment inspection and risk assessing each job on an individual basis.